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After suffering from TMJ and lock jaw for a couple of weeks, I was referred to Dr. Han by one of his patients. I called in and they were able to squeeze me in and get me an appointment the next day. During the appointment, Dr. Han was very thorough in his examination and he explained to me why I was feeling the pain in my jaw and why I was only able to open my mouth a couple of millimeters. He suggested I get the Bite Stabilizer. I went in the following day and got fitted for the Stabilizer, and I immediately saw results. Dr. Han took his time adjusting and perfecting the stabilizer and I wear it every night. My pain has completely subsided, and now I am able to yawn, eat, and brush my teeth like I used to. I don’t wake up with a tense jaw and my mouth and jaw finally feel normal once again. His compassion, genuineness, and expertise are all reasons I would highly recommend him to anyone. I also want to add that his office staff is amazing; they are kind, helpful, and make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in.

I am so happy to have found Dr. Han! For many years I had a crown on one of my front teeth that did not match my other teeth. I met with Dr. Han and he made his recommendations for how to improve my smile. Instead of charging me more for a veneer AND a crown like I thought I needed, he recommended I do at- home whitening and replace only the one mismatched crown. He took his time with me, was very honest, and he genuinely cared about my situation.
Since then Dr. Han has made a temporary crown for me that looks better than any other crown I’ve ever had. Also, his at-home whitening system has worked so much better than the one hour whitening I tried at another dentist several years ago. This method of whitening lasts longer and can be maintained by doing a quick touch up yourself every few months at home.
Dr. Han really strives for perfection and wants his patients to look as good as possible.
In addition to his great cosmetic work, his staff is so nice and welcoming. They really create a calm, relaxing environment. I wish I would have gone to Dr. Han a long time ago instead of suffering with embarrassing, mismatched teeth!

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Han and his entire staff . After coming into his office just 3 months ago he has definitely performed a major miracle with my teeth. I definitely have no problems going back for my routine checkups. Dr. Has shown me great patience and understanding to get my teeth back into proper health.
My sincere thanks doesn’t just end with Dr. Han but, it definitely continues with his entire staff. I know when I can in there’s always a pleasant voice at the other end exhibiting a great professional and very helpful attitude to answer my questions. I know when I go into the office I’m always great and extremely friendly smile ready to make my visit an awesome experience. The team of dental hygienist’s are the best who have taken the time to always understand my questions regarding my treatments. There patience and understanding as definitely helped me regain my teeth back into proper health.
I just wanted to finish out by once again expressing my most sincere thank you to the entire VIP Dentistry team. I fully recommend this office to anyone looking for a Great Team!
Thank you

VIP Dentistry may be a bit pricey… but Dr Han and his staff know what it’s about to do excellent work! I trust only this dental group with my teeth! I will never go to any other dentist! Thank you for taking care of me and my teeth!

After struggling with different mouth guard experiences, I found a first rate one.
Dr. Han’s care is precise, detail oriented and friendly (staff as well).
His mouth guard protects my teeth from grinding and most importantly to me is with great fit and comfort. Sleep is without distraction. I highly recommend Dr. Han.

Dr. Han is absolutely the most efficient honest and amazing dentist I have known. His expertise and knowledge will keep me doing the drive from Los Angeles.

Dr. Han’s approach to dentistry and patient understanding, hands down, is something unheard of these days. I had visited Dr. Han’s office with the idea of cosmetic surgery to correct a gap and uneven smile. Now from previous experiences I’ve had with other Dr’s. Not one of them ever addressed the underlying health concerns. In my case gum issues, they were quick to “sell” you a whole brand new smile without regards to overall medical benefits. They seemed over zealous with the notion of vanity over the patient’s quality of life. Now on the other hand, Dr. Han’s honesty and integrity blew me away. He didn’t seem so obsessed with making a pretty penny of off me, quite the contrary. We tackled the underlying health concerns and when it came to designing my new smile with the idea of keeping one’s own teeth. The man’s attention to detail is 2nd to none. He took numerous measurements with different apparatuses, he studied my smile using my eyes, jaw movements and over all bite. He left me speechless with the end product. He surpassed my greatest expectations. Not only has he transformed my smile but also transformed my life. Thank you Dr. Han!!!

Looking for dental implants Dr Han was one of the highest rated. His attention to detail is excellent with in house lab there is no delay in fitting teeth.Dr Han gives personal and informative care start to finish.the staff is great and make sure your comfort level is at the highest level Great place

Great experience with Dr. Han. Professional staff and honest dentist. Don’t mind driving from L.A. to see Dr. Han.

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