Implant Dentistry in
Chino Hills, California

VIP Dentistry provides patients with personalized implant dentistry treatments, following only the highest standard of care. Dr. Han’s goal for his patients is a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Implant Dentistry in Chino Hills, California

For those that have experienced tooth loss, tooth damage or gum disease, Dr. Han offers a range of treatments spanning dental implants, root canal therapy, veneers and more in order to help you get your perfect smile back. With a custom solution for your individual diagnosis, your teeth, gums and bite will be comfortable feeling and natural-looking for an overall healthy and radiant smile. Learn more about our dental implant treatments below:

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Dental Implant Diagnosis and Planning

The most important aspect of an implant is proper diagnosis and planning. A purely visual examination doesn’t give a clear view of the functional action of your mouth in all three dimensions and can thus lead to an improperly calibrated biting force that can cause you to require further dental care in the future as well as general discomfort. To eliminate this risk and properly diagnose your specific implant requirements, Dr. Han follows a step-by-step comprehensive diagnosing method, which proceeds as follows:

  1. Dr. Han will take dental molds (impressions) of your teeth as well as taking an earbow that relates your upper teeth to jaw joints (temporomandibular joints)
  2. These measures are then used to record the precise relationship between your upper and lower teeth.
  3. Your recorded jaw relationships are then transferred to an articulator, which duplicates the biting relationship and jaw movements.
  4. Dr. Han determines the ideal location of the implant after evaluation of the articulator.
  5. The restoration is then built to fit against the opposing teeth on the articulator.
  6. The chewing surface of the restoration is then built to allow the opposing teeth to move freely without collision.
  7. Dr. Han will then begin the placement of your dental implant.

It is important to remember that a dental implant doesn’t have the support of periodontal ligaments like natural teeth do. This means there is no way to distribute massive biting forces unless the implant is placed perfectly, which is why Dr. Han pays such close attention to the proper bite, chewing surfaces and jaw movements of your mouth.

Dental Implant Components

There are three basic components that are involved in dental implants, each of which Dr. Han will discuss with you before treatment.

  • Implant Fixture: The artificial root of the implant that is surgically placed into the jawbone
  • Implant Abutment: A structure used in the crown placement that is connected to the fixture with a single screw.
  • Implant Crown: This is the piece that replaces your actual tooth. It is custom developed by Dr. Han to precisely fit with your specific bite and jaw movements.

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At VIP Dentistry, we believe the first step to optimal oral health is finding a dentist you can trust with one of your most important assets, your smile. If you are experiencing tooth pain, discomfort or problems with previous dental work, Dr. Han is extremely skilled and experienced in creating a comfortable feel, a natural look and a happy smile. Contact us by calling (909) 256-0469 for any additional information on our treatments and visit us for a consultation to get a complete diagnosis and custom solution for you. Thank you for choosing VIP Dentistry, we hope to see you soon!

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Jessica P.
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Jessica P.

Dr. Han is absolutely the most efficient honest and amazing dentist I have known. His expertise and knowledge will keep me doing the drive from Los Angeles.
Janne M.
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Janne M.

Dr. Han and the whole team are amazing. But, they are not just nice. His expertise in all the latest technology for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry is second to no one. Dr. Han has had training and ongoing education that make him a cut above any dentist I have ever utilized.
Cyndy L.
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Cyndy L.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and satisfaction for VIP Dentistry. I received amazing service from the beginning to the end of my services. The entire staff made me feel welcomed and cared for immensely. They were personable and expressed genuine concern for my problems.
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