Check Up & Cleaning in
Chino Hills, California

Regular checkups and cleanings can keep your teeth healthy for life!

Check Up & Cleaning in Chino Hills, California

Our goal is to help you maintain your teeth and gums for life! Even if you take great care of your teeth, you still need regular check-ups and cleanings. It is the best way to save time and money in the dental chair.

At VIP Dentistry, we offer the Continuing Care Program to help you maintain a healthy smile for life. If you are overdue for your six-month cleaning and check-up, call our office to be part of Continuing Care Program.

All of our patients that are under the Continuing Care Program will receive a periodic oral exam to prevent any cavities and periodontal disease from Dr. Han. We also offer digital X-rays along which offer minimal radiation as part of this program. Our gentle and friendly hygienist will clean your teeth during a thorough, one-hour cleaning, we measure your gums to identify any gum disease, and polish your teeth for a bright and smooth smile. During your visit, our hygienist will go over instructions for ideal flossing and brush. It will help you to practice good at-home care until your next visit. Oral cancer screening and florid treatments are also offered as part of the Continuing Care Program in our office.

Once you join our Continuing Care Program, we will help you stay on top of preventive maintenance and keep your smile healthy. Helping you stay up to date with preventive dental will help you save money on big dental treatments in the future.

Cavities and periodontal diseases typically do not exhibit symptoms until serious damage has already been done. In fact, medical and dental research has now shown that unhealthy gums can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and pre-term low birth weight babies. Just recently, medical researchers discovered a link between periodontal disease and respiratory diseases, and prostatitis.

We know now that diabetics must take special care to avoid complications from periodontal disease. As the research continues to grow, more and more cardiologists and surgeons are requiring their patients to be free from periodontal disease prior to surgery.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Regular checkups and cleanings every six months are the key to optimal oral health. Call VIP Dentistry at (909) 256-0469 for all your dental care needs. Dr. Han is proud to serve you and your family, using his years of advanced training and expertise to create healthy smiles in our community.

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Jessica P.
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5 stars

Jessica P.

Dr. Han is absolutely the most efficient honest and amazing dentist I have known. His expertise and knowledge will keep me doing the drive from Los Angeles.
Janne M.
dental office yelp review
5 stars

Janne M.

Dr. Han and the whole team are amazing. But, they are not just nice. His expertise in all the latest technology for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry is second to no one. Dr. Han has had training and ongoing education that make him a cut above any dentist I have ever utilized.
Cyndy L.
dental office google review
5 stars

Cyndy L.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and satisfaction for VIP Dentistry. I received amazing service from the beginning to the end of my services. The entire staff made me feel welcomed and cared for immensely. They were personable and expressed genuine concern for my problems.
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